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Over time we’ve discovered that being able to work effectively with clients means taking the time to communicate honestly and clearly in order to develop a good working relationship. So, beginning communications are all about friendly fact-finding and discovery to determine if we can be of real service. Developing or changing a landscape takes time, creativity and patience. It involves understanding and then articulating a client’s vision, and/or helping them create and manifest it.

After the initial conversation(s) which helps us establish goals, we then need to do a site visit or receive photos, plot plan and/or survey map. We need to know what we are working with to start to be able to plan where we’re going. This includes taking an inventory of the site: existing conditions, existing plant materials, soil quality, etc.

Then we can determine the scope of the project, and whether we will need to ‘phase’ the project or not. Once this is determined we can then determine how involved the plans should be.




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